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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^_________^ Super Junior new album is out! Oh mine... I am so so so happy! I am smiling the whole day! The new songs are super duper awesome. I mean reaaaaaally awesome. You, you and you there... head off to Youtube and go hear it please! Sexy, Free and Single, I am ready to Bingo! So.. ermm dear my Twitter followers, I WILL SPAM for these few days. Seriously... I am so loving this new album. I LOVE all the songs.

Introducing the extremely cool blue cover :) God, the font! What type of font is this? Anyone please tell me! I'm going to make my next layout's header using this font. I am so freaking love it!

What? You don't know what are the songs? Hold on, read the banner below please :D The track list is there. So yeah all of these are beautiful songs. Especially Sexy, Free and Single. Trust me, you wont regret it. Go and listen to it NOW! Or after you read my whole post... promise me you will go and listen to it? Okayyyyyy??? I really love this album more than their 5th album!

Good you have read it right? Alright...


And... there are some funny things happen during the everyday a teaser or teasers are out. First.. Dong Hae misspelled his own name when he Tweeted! He said "Super Junior Sexy , Free & Single Dong Hee.... SJ Show Time ... " on 22nd June. Oh God, I laugh so hard. Bwahahaaaaaaaa XD

And then on 29th June, Dong Hae tweeted "Good night !!^^ miss EFL" What??? Okay... ELF, we have new name. Thank you Dong Hae. Before this we are 'babo'. Now we are officially EFL. Kekekeeeeee

It's EFL, not ELF. Hahaaa

Oh waittttttt... don't forget to watch the MV teaser!!! The whole MV is not out yet. SO hereeee is the teaser video

So aweeeeeeeeeeesome. Palli palli! Hurry up SM! I NEED THE WHOLE MV NOW!

And I guess you will not surprised if I said I have ordered the album with autographs! Omonaaaaa... so expensive! The seller that I am buying from is based in Singapore. So the postage fee is quite high. Luckily mummy has friend in Singapore. But still! It costs me around SGD 92 = RM 240.00 (@.@) Buttttttt... this will be the last album that Leeteuk oppa is going to participate before he enlists into the army. Then I will need to wait another 2 years to get his autograph (X.X). So of all this reasons, I BUY THIS ALBUM! This maybe is my last chance~ Hahaaaa at least mom gives me the permission to use her credit card.

But before I receive the album another few more weeks or months, I will try to contain myself with the pictures of my boys :D and spamming the Twitter. Lalalaaaaaa. See ya!

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