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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Oh minee time flew by and hello Syawal, good bye Ramadan. In this my little section in my world, I would like to wish you all

A very Happy Eid Mubarak! :D
Especially to my family, teachers, lecturers, friends and yes... all ELF!

Have a nice day everyone. Don't play the fireworks too much. Please collect 'duit raya' as much as you can (only applicable to children and teenagers and young adult!). Please forgive me all my sins and wrong doings. If I ever hurt your feeling with my nonsense posts, do forgive me. I'm still learning and yessss lastly... please pray for me to be good doctor :)

By the way... I am not sure but I think this will be my last raya before I go to Jordan. Peeps... I'm flying to Jordan this 13th September to further study. Pray for my safety friends :)

Click for a bigger view~

A nice Super Junior Eid card that I made for ELFquotesMalay contest. Nice huh ELF? :D Please don't re-post it okay? :) Owwww... I wish Super Junior members will wish us 'Happy Eid Mubarak' on their Twitter. Especially my Kyuhyun oppa :) Till then, see ya and love you all.

P/S: I will post some super duper cool stories a bout my life at INTEC after raya~

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