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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As salam. Ahlin :) Keifik?

Hi there. Weeeeee... this is my first post from Jordan :D

How are you everyone? It's 7.30 a.m here. And I guess it's 12.30 p.m there in Malaysia. Well... Malaysia and Jordan have 5 hours difference! :D It has been 5 days since I arrived here in this brown world, Jordan. I arrived on 14th September 2012, Friday at 5.00 p.m local time at Jordan (around 10.00 p.m in Malaysia). So yeahhhh... lets take a look my whole journey that I typed down~~~ I travelled for about 31 hours. Starting from home in Melaka to Irbid, Jordan.
A journey to Jordan

9,00 p.m - Bertolak dari rumah
10,40 p.m - Arrived at KLIA
12,00 a.m - Check in start --- Stuck at the check in until 3,00 a.m. I am the 2nd last person!!
3,30 a.m - Found my seat. Text mom, dad, bro, sis.
4,00 a.m - Take off
4,40 a.m - Ate my chicken sandwich
7,30 a.m - Woke up, applied back my bedak and cuci muka with wet tissue
7,50 a.m - Got warm wet tissue from Nikhil
8,00 a.m - Start to watch Lady and Tramp
8,20 a.m - Breakfast
9,45 a.m - Done watching movie, start to wonder around. Listen to Justin Bieber songs.
10,15 a.m - Going to land soon.
10,42 a.m - Landed safely at Doha International Airport --- Transit
1,00 p.m - Pray at female mosque
5,30 p.m - Check in to go to Amman
6,00 p.m - Take off to Amman
7,00 p.m - Ate my lunch~~ or is it dinner?
7,17 p.m - Done lunch
8,15 p.m (3,15) - Arrived safely at Queen Rania Airport, Urdun
9,47 p.m (4,47) - Jumpa senior. Beg selamat. Amin
10,30 p.m (5,30)- In JUST bus. Tired.
11,01 p.m (6,01) - Gerak ke Irbid
11,15 p.m (6,15) - Taklimat biro keselamatan
1,00 a.m (8,00) - Arrived at 1st sakan --- don't know the name
1,45 a.m (8,45) - Arrived at my sakan. Taklimat bilik + dapat kakak senior
3,00 a.m (10,00) - Dapat sakan 503. Beg baju hilang. Too tired to search for it.
3,30 a.m (10,30) - Akak Lina balik
4,42 a.m (11,42) - Tidur lepas makan malam + solat

Take note... the time in brackets were the Jordan local time!

And down below... are my picuresss that I took when I was on journey :D

KLIA with my siblings.

Awa, mak cik and my mom of course :)

My uncles.

Mom and Najlah.

With my ayah and auntie Bedah's family.

Auntie Wajik and Kak Nadhirah came too.

Sya and Zul came! :D

Busy airport full of MARA MEP students.

My chicken snadwich at 4.40 a.m apparently. This served just after I boarded the plane.

Everyone was sleeping. Blue night or morning~~~

My breakfast at 8.20 a.m. Omelette with tomatoes and lots of side dishes!

Finally I saw the light at 8.57 a.m.

Arrived at Doha at 10.42 a.m. Nice view huh? Hahaaa

Qatar Airways at Qatar International Airport :)

Got free fries with samosa and of course Pepsi.

Transit = merempat. 6 hours of waiting...

Ate our FREE lunch provided.

Huge huge toilet at Doha. Veryy clean.

Finally, we caught a pic together~~~

Time to board the plane to Amman!

I sat at the front seat. No windows. But I got to see the steward walked around.

My lunch in plane to Amman. Rice with chicken. Tasty~~~

Arrived at Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan.

Found all my baggages. Ahhhh heavy!!!

Outside of airport.

Waiting for the bus to go to Irbid.

Taxi's price list based on destination.

In bus finally. Tired faces everybody.

Reaaaaallllly tired.

Our room. Alhamdulillah. Sakan Rayya, Irbid, Jordan.

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