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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi there! Long time no see. I miss you all so much. But I seem to be lazy or lack of enthusiasm to update my blog. Mianae minasan! (~.~) And when the interest come back to me. Voilaaaaa... A new layout! ^.^ I guess, when I use a new layout... I feel more happy to post~

This is my previous layout... in case you forgot :P

SO does everyone know about Kyuhyun oppa? *you better know... or else* Hmmmm... I betcha not all of you know about him. Cho Kyuhyun oppa is the 13th member of Super Junior. Oh yes, he is one of the members of that King of K-pop group! Applauds please... Heheheee Well I fell for him since a long time ago. To be honest, Kyu oppa is not only decorating my blog but as well as my phone and laptop. Jyeahh! :D My wallpaper is Kyu in both electronic devices. If my MP4 and Nintendo 3DS can use a layout... It will be Kyu too ^_____^ I just love him. End of the story.

And once again... the color scheme is grey and brown. Ermmm... I don't know but I like my blog in grey or white or brown only. Not even pink and purple dominate my list of blog colour. Okay... but I have some pink there in this layout! That is just to well contra the links with the texts. And you can explore all around the blog to see icons of Kyu oppa! Nice isn't it? ^.~

Furthermore, I put some of my favorite song's lyrics there. Seeeeee? Up there! It was sang by Kyuhyun oppa. The song is Yuki no Hana or in English is Snow Flower. Nice song, I won't lie this to you! You better try to hear it. So... scroll down and click the play button on that Youtube video dear :) Just for your information... the song is originally sang by Mika Nakashima. The song has Korean version as well as Mandarin version. It is a quite popular song apparently! :D

That's all I guess for now. See ya dear! As salam :)

P/S: I have pre departure briefing tomorrow at 9.30 a.m at Bangunan MARA, KL.

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