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Friday, November 2, 2012


Yahhhhhhhhh, I think I have been unfair. I mean...I seem to abandon my blog. Ermmm... sorry dear. It seems that when I become a medical student, my life have become more hectic. For my own record, I have never miss to tweet a least once a day. But but but here in Jordan, I did not log in into my Twitter account for a week although my Twitter is connected with my phone. I just need some few seconds and pufff... a tweet emerges. I seem to lose interest both in blog and Twitter. Mianaeyo. But I like FaceBook recently :)

I better tell you some of stories about my life here. Then.

For this semester 1, year 1: My classes on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday start at 12.15 p.m and end at 5.15 p.m. In Jordan, our holiday is on Friday and Saturday. So yeah.... class on Sunday dude~ On these 3 days, I have only 2 or 3 classes actually but the gap is long. You see, my Physics class starts at 12.15 p.m and ends 1.15 p.m and my next class, English, starts at 4.15 p.m and ends at 5.15 p.m. So the 3 hours break, I fill with wandering, lolling, texting, FaceBooking, daydreaming studying! Heheeheeeee Oh but on Thursday I have culture class at 3.15 p.m until 4.15 p.m.

On Monday, the only day that I will go home early! Hooooray (^___^) But very pack. Arabic class from 8.15 a.m until 9.45 a.m, and then Biology 9.45 a.m to 11.15 a.m, and then Chemistry 11.15 a.m until 12.45 p.m and then... off  to home~ While on Wednesday, my classes are same with on Monday but I have Biology lab at 2.15 p.m until 4.15 p.m.

It's winter time now so Maghrib is at 6.00 p.m and it is getting earlier though. It's already dark at 6! Our prayers time will be different in every season. Subuh now is at 5.30 a.m but during Summer, it's going to be at 4.00 a.m! I really hope I won't overslept... Now in Winter... night is getting longer than usual. 6.00 p.m until 6.00 a.m. 12 hours of night! WOW! I need to readjust my body clock every season... I guess.

In this foreign place... I strongly believe that I need to stay strong in order to cope with the life here. I mean, Jordan is different from Malaysia and not to mention it's very far from Malaysia. Life is difficult here but yeahhhhh... I am having fun. It's my dream to study abroad! It's the time of my life to enjoy my university life (and suffer too) and soon, my dream to conquer the world will succeed. Bhahaaahaa (^.^) Enough say, I have been dreaming, praying and wishing since I was a kid. Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me a chance to see the world. Thank you Allah. So anything happen, I should stay strong and pray to Allah.

Okay... I really want to write a much longer post but I think I will stop now. I see you soon. I will try my best to at least update once a week. If I fail, forgive me... (=.=;)

Lots of love from doctor-to-be :)

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