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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Oh wow! Nice date today! MasyaAllah :) So, I guess I will need to post on this much special day. Anyway, I bow again my dear readers *I know you are there, reading this~* and say soooorry for the second time? It seems that... I forgot about my blog AGAIN!

T.T Oh mine oh mine oh mine. Now everyone will think that med students are so busy~~~ Mianae. Ahhh, it's almost 3 months I am here. Ya Allah, I can't believe this! Time flies very fast nowadays. I am done with my second test and I do need to work hard for my Arabic final exam which will be on 16th Jan 2013. Allah please helps me :") I don't know why but I am so scared to answer the exam. I hope my friends and I will do well in this coming final exam. In shaa Allah.

Recently, my friends and I are into HOLIDAY topic. Like where to go during semester break. I am going to Egypt this January and In shaa Allah UK next June. I am super duper excited to start my journey to explore the world. You see, I long to discover the world since I am a kid. Now, the chances are in front of my eyes... I will totally grab them! I am not sure when will I return to Malaysia though coz' around August I will be busy. Yeah. Busy. To. Move. From. Sakan. To. Rent House. Ahhh, I can see a lot money will be used in August-September. In shaa Allah my prediction will become true.

My mom totally approved about my dreams to explore the world. She said, I am just like birds. Flying all over the sky and finally will return back to the nests. Owww... thanks mom, you know my feeling! I will buy you souvenir wherever I go! :D Anyway, if I am bird? I must be the beautiful canaree. Heheheheeee :)

Oh and soon. Very soon. A new blog's layout is coming. For now, I switched back to my Rilakkuma's layout :)

Indeed, these past few days have been lots of hardship but alhamdulillah I am still breathing in this world :) Thank you Allah and may we meet again the next post friends :D

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