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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Syu akhbarik? Menihah mumkin? Alhamdulillah. Today I want to share you about an event that happened reallllly recently here in Irbid, Jordan~ In fact, it happened since 2 days ago~ Lets get to know Karnival Akademik Mahasiswa Irbid or famous to be known as K.A.M.I. BUT beware...  this is a post that fulls of pictures~~~

So what is this so called K.A.M.I.?
Karnival ini akan menghimpunkan semua bidang-bidang pengajian pelajar Malaysia di Irbid: Perubatan | Pergigian | Usuluddin | Fiqh Wa Usul | Perbankan Islam | Dirasat Islam | Adab |~~~
*Switched to Malay for awhile, heheeheeee* See above and below of this paragraph? Those are banners to promote the courses' booths.

So basically, every courses will make their on booths and we have talks and some interesting discussions. At the booth, every courses will explain to you what the course is about, do some demonstrations, have some cool games, get the brochures and lots and lots of information~~~

As a med student, it won't be strange if I say I was helping the med's booth. So together with my friends (some are dentistry) we made a little too perfect World Map! Hahahaaa :D the map title is Common Diseases for Travellers. Just for your information, the most common disease is diarrhea. We tried to make it as creative as we can. We used lots of techniques that we learned from Art Attack *who knows this TV program, raise up your hand puhlizzz*

 3 nights of hard work~~

What did I like about this carnival?
First and for all, FOOD! Yup, you read it right... Fooooood~~~ Malaysian foooooood~~~ Heheheee... come on, here in Jordan not that I can find easily restaurant selling Malaysian food :3 nasi dagang, nasi lemak, bihun sup, nasi campur, pavlova, tiramisu, kuih-muih... WOW! I am in heaven. Take note: Not that I bought all food. But I did spend quite a lot of money on food. Sigh... I hope I won't gain weight. Apparently, food is much my only motivation to go to K.A.M.I.

It was raining cats and dogs on the day of carnival. I remembered I was walking in extremely cold weather *it's winter here* and when I arrived, I was soaked from head to toe. Hahahaaaa... okay not that wet actually. I wore my long hooded-windbreaker and boots. But it was sooooo cold. Luckily inside of the Dewan Kindi was hot. When I arrived with Syu and Najah, there were already many people. I was extremely excited to check out all the booths ^___^  I took lots of pictures! Scroll down puhlizzz to see those awesome pictures. At first, I wanted to bring along my Canon but it was raining so I chose to take pictures by my phone instead. Alhamdulillah, my Xperia did not disappoint me :P

Okay, I am done with talking. Lets take a look at the gorgeous pictures of K.A.M.I ~~~ 

 Gorgeous Najah, Syu, me and Wawa :3 Welcome to K.A.M.I.
Overview 1

Overview 2

  Medicine's booth

 Dentistry's booth

  Fiqh wa Usul's booth

Al-lughatul Arabiah's booth

Dirasat Islamiyah's booth

 Usuluddin's booth

PINTAR's booth

SEPI's booth

Taawun and Unit Zakat & Sedekah's booth

 -------------What are the cool things in Medicine and Dentistry booths?----------

Lets see the Medicine first~

First, there were Afiqah and Ain taking care of MiniClinic registration on Friday.

 There were Syahirah Rahim, Ena and Fasyiha taking care of that wonderful world map that we did :)

See that cool hospital replicas we made? The name is Hospital Mesra Ibadah!

Cool thing that other AJKs did~

Seeee those organs? :P

Of course we had games... with Angry Birds as the theme~

We had quizzes too. If you got it right, a choc will be given to you :)

Doctors on duty to explain!

And then off  we go to Dentistry enchanting cool world~

Tooth party, thats it!

The soon to be doc explained about dentistry equipments~

Lets get to know our teeth.

See that jar with pink ribbon? There were many teeth in it! Real and fake.

This cool doc explained to me how to brush your teeth properly. Now, I need my floss pleaseee~

They had comic strip competition. The theme was teeth obviously.

Lots and lots of poster about teeth.

Veryyyyyy colourful~

Unfortunately, I took almost zilch pictures of food. I ate it without second thought to wait. Ohhhhh waitttt... I do have one picture! Choc strawberries~

And so that is the end of my full of pics post. Yeahhh I did have fun. Maybe we will have the next K.A.M.I. next year?  Till then, I see you again soon. Assalam :)

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