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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Syu akhbarik al-yaum? In shaa Allah tamam. Okay, I know unless you are Jordanian, you won't understand what is 'syu' in my previous question or you can guess ^___^ Syu is colloquial word for ma. Senang cakap, syu ini maknanya apa. Jadi saoalan yang saya ajukan tadi maknanya, apa khabar hari ni? Heheeheee you see... of course Arabic has it owns 'bahasa pasar'. Anyway, that is my not topic today. I can make another post if you want to learn about Jordanian's ammi.

Ahhh... before I post anything about my current life, I think I better introduce all of you to Jordan. Okay, raise up your hand if you know Jordan! Yes? No? Which ever your answer, lets have a look at Jordan in the world map :D

See that? I live in north part of Jordan, Irbid. Its veryyyy near with Palestine and Syria. Once upon time, my seniors said they could go to Syria and shop during weekend because it is really near and Syria stuffs are cheaper. But that is once upon a time... And although we are so near with Palestine, we are not allowed to enter it :"( Ya Allah, please save our brothers and sisters in Palestine and Syria. May Allah be with them. Always. 

 The flag looks very similar to Palestine's.
Jordan is officially called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Do you know what the Hashemite refer to? Actually it comes from the name of an early ancestor of the ruling family. The Hashemite kings of Jordan trace their ancestry in a direct line to Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., our last prophet. The prophet Muhammad's great grandfather was Hashim ibn Abd al-Manaf, and it is from him the Hashemite family take their name. Hashem in Arabic means pulveriser. This referred to the patriarch's habit of serving crumbled or pulverized bread broth to pilgrims, rather than to any violent or warlike tendencies.The people talk in Arabic *of course*. Our money currency is called Jordanian Dinar (JOD). JOD 1.000 = RM 4.30. Take note that we have 3 decimal points her :P I will tell you more about the cost of living but seriously, it's expensive here! But but but we have something that is cheaper. Alhamdulillah, thank you MARA for supporting us here by the way~~~

In Irbid, Malaysian students will go to either Yarmouk University or Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). There are about 2000 Malaysian students here and we are monitored by Education Malaysia Jordan (EMJ). We have our main community organization, Persatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia Irbid (PERMAI Jordan) that is in charge in taking care of us here~ Thank you so much :) Our seniors here are super duper friendly and nice. They help us a lot when we first arrived here.

For those who go to Yarmouk, they will take courses like Bahasa Arab, Fikh wa Usul, Usuluddin, Islamic Banking and another 2 courses that I forgot the names. Asif. And for JUST, we have only 2, medicine and dentistry :D To be honest, JUST students rarely meet their friends in Yarmouk. Yarmouk is located in the heart of Irbid but JUST is located outside of Irbid at a place called Ramtha. We meet our friends only when we have big events or if we go to their houses :)

I think I have wrote quite a long post *not that long... I know*, thank you so much for taking your time to read. Now at least, you already know some information about Jordan. If you have anything to ask in particular, don't hesitate to comment! I promise you I won't bite. Next time, I will start to post about my experiences here in Jordan. I had went to some coooooooool places and I will share with you in the next post ^.^ JazakaAllah and may we meet again.

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