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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

And here I am again to continue my story. What are the things I do in the evenings in Irbid

Lets see... I have my karate classes on Sun, Tues and Thurs at 4.30 pm. Some of my friends join taekwando classes though... Co-curriculum is not a must here. Not that anyone will scold if you dont attend your classes but our own discipline drives us to go to our classes diligently. Same goes to classes/ lectures at the university...nobody will bother if you skip classes... but then guys why am I here if not to attend classes? 

Besides formal classes and our own co-curricular activities, our Persatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia Irbid (PERMAI) has also set up many important and beneficial classes for us. One of them is my Arab Ammi class (bahasa Arab pasar Jordan). Last sem, the class started at 7.00 pm and ended 8.30 pm every Monday. Sometimes, PERMAI would organise  a talk or forum or kuliah agama. If we are very good at Arabic, we have so many talaqi classes held by many Sheikhs. I am interested in attending the classes but for now, I can hardly understand what's going on... haha...

I will work harder for my Arabic though... and looking at my seniors, they have medical/dentistry classes/discussion at  their own free time. Study group! They will gather in someone's house and study together. I wonder if I can find this in Malaysia. Here, our houses are near each other and its easy to study in groups.. So my friends in Malaysia, how do you do your study group back home?? 

Ok guys..there goes my story about what we do here..would love to hear stories from you guys too! Until next time...

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