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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

19... Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Allah. I am going to be 19. Like seriously? Like really seriously? Facepalm.....*just started the post and I already this bising* But anyway, how are you everyone? Feels like a thousand years ago we meet each other. Heheheeheee... please... ignore my previous rants.

So do you guys know what day is today? Friday. Yup. 23rd February 2013. Yup. My last Friday being an 18. Eh? Apparently, this is my LAST Friday to be an 18 *cry* I am getting older. To be honest, I don't feel like an 18 girl. 8 maybe? Can't believe that I am already here. In Jordan. Studying medicine. Going to sit for my 1st test for 2nd sem soon. Like now I feel like I want to flashback. *Hop into time machine like Nobita's*

Alhamdulillah, until at this moment I am still breathing. Never thought that I will get this far. Medical student. I think I have been dreaming to be a doctors for years. Although I do have some identity crisis during my form 4. I was in dilemma choosing between engineering and medicine. At that time, I fell in love with chemistry. I was considering to take chemical engineering.

Then... it hit me one day, what was wrong with me? I never love physics. How could I do this? Forgetting my dream to be a doctor? Chemistry alone could not help me. And then, I was back to my doctor dream.

2011. Suddenly the government announced that they would not take any more medical students for that year. I was speechless. To protect myself from getting hurt, I quickly switched back to my 2nd dream to be an engineer plus at that time, I was so in love with Korea that I thought I want to study there. Kpoppers, you know my feeling right? Errrr... I can't describe how much obsess I was but if you see my pictures of my school desk you will know.

And suddenly 2 weeks later mama called me and said, the government would take new students but would restrict opening of new medical schools. Quickly, I changed back my ambition. This time, I knew it. I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR ALL COST.

And so... here I am. A medical student. Alhamdulillah. See... in these past few years of struggling with SPM and what I wanna be, I have perfectly find my place in university's life. Dear 96 liners who are going to take SPM this year and 95 liners who are going to get the result soon, I wish you the best of luck. You may get confuse and feel like wanna to give up but please never lose hope. Allah is with you. How sweet is that? Allah always there at all time. Hoping that you will remember Him in a good or bad time :)

Now back to the title. Fhewww, 5 days before my birthday. I think I am just being a melancholic girl tonight. A.K you are not yet 40. Omoooo... anyway I think I want to do a list about things that I wanna do while I am still 18. Till then, I wish you all the best of health. Wassalam.

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