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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 
Today let me introduce you to the King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH). It has 15 floors. KAUH is located just beside the faculty of medicine. The colour of the hospital wall is same as my university. 

Can you see the building on the right with N2 engraved on it? That is the Nursing block. Walk a lil bit forward, you will arrive at Medicine block. Currently, this is the best hospital in Irbid. The first time I went here was when I visited my sick friend. 

My first thought was, oh my! So many people. You could see lots of doctor-to-be walking around and yup, I saw many Malay senior students. Every 1 meter, I would meet a senior :P even my friend's room was crowded with seniors as so many Malaysian students who came to JUST were either studying medicine or dentistry. I was not surprised when my friend said that a lot of seniors visited her. 

Anyway, like a typical hospital... the hospital smelt like errr... medicine? The lift was scary. I could not describe the feeling but I felt dizzy when I walked out of it. I just went to KAUH for once only so I did not know much about this hospital. 

However as time goes on this will be my place soon during practical years. I am sure I will get the chance to know it better but for now, I am contented to just go to my classes and learn histology, anatomy and physiology! :3

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