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★► Momcher Day
Saturday, May 18, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Now... If I don't post this short rants... that will mean I do not post anything in this month. Although I do have so many memorable days in this month *I think so*.

Firstly, to all moms over the world... Happy Mothers Day! *throw confetti* 
And to all teachers, Happy Teachers Day! *throw double confetti*
To my mom,
Puan Haslinah bt. Mahadi
who is a mom and a teacher... 
Happy Momcher Day
 *throw triple confetti* Side-note: Mom + teacher = Momcher

So how did I give my mom a present although I am far far far away from my home? Easy. Buy present online and let the post office do his job! 

Unfortunately, the day the I got the idea to buy my mom present online was 10th May. But as long as I remembered *if correctly*, I would buy something -anything- for mom these special days. So... I insisted to buy mom a present. LUCKILY, the present that I bought would be arriving on the Teachers Day~~~ Yup, Pos Laju. I love you lah.

So, what did I get for my mom? :D

At first, I thought I wanted to give my mom fresh flowers. Okay, someone puhliz tell me... why the flowers are so expensive? 12 roses for RM 150. Like what? Then I thought again, I did not know when my mom would be home. Teachers are so busy nowadays. Macam mana kalau pakcik bunga nak hantar bunga tapi mama tiada di rumah. And I am here... so far awaaaaaaay. Macam mana tuuuu? So... fresh flowers... I cancel you.

And then I thought about perfume. My mom loves perfumes. Buka, tinjau kalau ada yang murah. Ada promotion but still... errr RM 200 ++ Ya Allah. I am sorry mom. Please wait for it until I work. Still a student now.

So finally, I checked my Whatsapp and saw my mom text me... looking for this particular face cream. And I was like.. "THIS IS IT!" You know how did the story end didn't you? I went to search for website selling that cream, ordered it and voilaaaaa... my mom received a parcel on Teachers Day. Alhamdulillah. My mom was so happy :)

My mom posted the parcel pic in FB. She said she was so happy.

So hip hip hurrraaayyy for this Mothers Day~~~ I hope you are happy mom.
Love you a lot.
Take care everyone.I hope you did a wonderful thing for your mom :)

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