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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Assalamualaikum. Hello there everyone.

I don't know if anyone reads my journal... maybe there IS someone. *waves*

So yeah, I am missing home now. TT_TT uuuu... but I am like 7000++ km away from home. I don't know when will I be back in Malaysia though. August? January 2015? Who knows. I plan to travel around the world during my holiday and my mom approved!

And I get involve with this cool hobby now: collecting Pokemon merchandises. Although I just collect plushies. Figures are more expensive and I don't trust myself for not losing one small item. @.@ So I bought some of my wants and I made the sellers shipped my plushies back home in Malaysia. I don't know when I can get to see my cuties *cries* I don't trust the post office here where I stay now. It's a sad thing but I rather let my plushies safely arrive at home than missing during delivery.

And guess what? I bought my favourite 1:1 Chikorita plush ---> 152
But I can't hug her when she arrives home. *cries again*

On the bright side, tomorrow my last exam for semester 1, year 2! I am so glad. Lets do our best Team Eminence for Microbiology! 100 questions waiting for us tomorrow. We can do it~

Wishing you all good night (it's night here)~

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