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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah we meet again after a month of silence. I am done with my Cardiovascular system (CVS) and now less than a week, I am going to sit for my Hematopoietic system (HLS). Our theory will be on 30th April and lab will be on 4th May.

Some remarkable marks that I learned during my past CVS exams:

We had 2 exams only. Theory and lab. To be honest, study was tiring but never I known that the exams themselves were that too. For me, the theory exam of CVS was so tiring. 80 questions in 1 hour 30 minutes. The questions were from 50++ lectures note. Could you imagine how mixed up the questions were? Like 1st question was about anatomy and suddenly the next question was about pharmacology and the next one about physiology. Phewwwww... *wipe away the sweats* Not to help that this was my first time answering system's exam. 

My theory mark was not that great. In fact it was disasterrific! It was my first time getting that kind of mark. I won't deny that I cried a lot after stepped out of the exam hall. 

And so I made a resolution to do my next for the lab exam. I studied like there was no more tomorrow. I even listened to some patriotic songs to increase my spirit to study! I locked myself in the room and barely went out (Please don't do this. It's not really healthy. Don't forget to eat, okay?). We had 2 days to study and on the evening of last day of study, I went to Syahirah and Fasyiha for a sleepover. I couldn't understand the clinical cases that we learned and needed someone to explain them to me. Jazakillah Fasyi and Syahirah. You two really helped me a lot and gave significant boost of energy for me to keep praying and believing that Allah would help me till the end.

In the end, I did well in lab exam. Much better than I expected and could cover up my theory mark. Hence I passed my CVS! Alhamdulillah :")

To you my friends who keep on supporting me during my weak days, JAZAKILLAH. We are now in study week for HLS. We are done with our last lecture for this system last Wednesday. Pray for us dear readers for our success. InshaAllah this will be better than CVS. Amin.

"Kami bakal doktor untuk ummah. InshaAllah."

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